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Ishtar – Out in November!

Gilgamesh Press is pleased to announce that its long-awaited Ishtar collection is on track for release in November 2011!

The talent-packed anthology now has a gorgeous cover to match the stellar content!


Powerful, sexy, and very, very deadly.

The 5 Loves of Ishtar
Kaaron Warren

Follow the path that the goddess Ishtar takes through the eyes of her most devoted worshippers, her washerwomen. Sharokin, Atur, Ninlil, Shamiran, Ninevah and Ashurina share in their goddess’ loves, losses and triumphs, as kingdoms rise and fall in the Land of Rivers.

And the Dead Shall Outnumber the Living
Deborah Biancotti

In modern-day Sydney, male prostitutes are dying. Their bones have turned to paste and their bodies are jelly. As Detective Adrienne Garner investigates the deaths, she finds rumours of strange cults and old gods whose powers threaten her city and, ultimately, her world.

The Sleeping and the Dead
Cat Sparks

Dr. Anna remembers little of her life before the war, merely traces of the man she used to love. When three desperate travellers rekindle slumbering memories, she begins a search that takes her to Hell and beyond. A search for love and, ultimately, enlightenment.


Edited by Amanda Pillar & K.V. Taylor.




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Welcome to Gilgamesh Press‘ new website!

Gilgamesh Press is an imprint of Morrigan Books and is a publishing company, set up by Mark S.  Deniz, in remembrance of the tragic murder of his brother-in-law, Fuat Deniz, December 2007.

To read more about our mission statement, please go to the About Us page.

Gilgamesh Press‘ first book, featuring the goddess Ishtar, will boast three novellas, written by Cat Sparks, Deborah Biancotti & Kaaron Warren. More on this can be found in Books.


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