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10 Things About Cat Sparks’ ‘Ishtar’!

In addition to giving us a sneak about about the world in her Ishtar story, Cat Sparks has also written the top 10 Things about her tale!!

10 Things about Ishtar:
(‘The Sleeping and the Dead’)

10.    The nuns collate their scriptures from a myriad of ancient sources: celebrity cookbooks, women’s magazines. That glossy paper made it right through Armageddon, barely blackened by the pyres of burning Bibles.

9.    She likes tattoos inked before the fall. Everything from hot rods to baby feet. Jesus, naked ladies, dragons.

8.    Storm clouds sully the horizon. Vast, voluminous boiling things, cauldrons of corrosive isotopes and acid flashback.

7.    Windborne apparitions linger like imprints, remnants of better places, better days.

6.    Women worship at her feet. The walking dead whose wombs still pulse with blood.

5.    Ishtar has heard the skulls speak on more than one occasion, a fact she keeps hidden from the nuns.

4.    The ossuary endures.

3.    Death stalks the surface. The men were safer in the Underworld. Much safer.

2.    Memories are as unreliable as seasons.

1.    A deity cannot attain salvation. She must create it.


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