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Ishtar released today!

The Second Assyrian Empire has arrived!

It is my great honour to be able to announce the first Gilgamesh Press book, Ishtar, not only notable for its main focus, the goddess of love and war but also for the three fantastic authors that have written the three novellas that make up the book: Kaaron Warren, Deborah Biancotti and Cat Sparks and, if that wasn’t enough, the two talented editors who have shaped the book: Amanda Pillar and KV Taylor.

Need more be said?


This novella collection is powerful, sexy and very, very deadly.

The 5 Loves of Ishtar: Kaaron Warren

Follow the path that the goddess Ishtar takes through the eyes of her most devoted worshippers, her washerwomen. Sharokin, Atur, Ninlil, Shamiran, Ninevah and Ashurina share in their goddess’ loves, losses and triumphs, as kingdoms rise and fall in the Land of Rivers.

And the Dead Shall Outnumber the Living: Deborah Biancotti

In modern-day Sydney, male prostitutes are dying. Their bones have turned to paste and their bodies are jelly. As Detective Adrienne Garner investigates the deaths, she finds rumours of strange cults and old gods whose powers threaten her city and, ultimately, her world.

The Sleeping and the Dead: Cat Sparks

Dr. Anna remembers little of her life before the war, merely traces of the man she used to love. When three desperate travellers rekindle slumbering memories, she begins a search that takes her to Hell and beyond. A search for love and, ultimately, enlightenment.




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10 Things About Kaaron Warren’s ‘The Five Loves of Ishtar’!!

Dying to know just that little bit more about the ideas behind Kaaron’s story? Well, here’s 10 Things!

10 Things About Ishtar:
‘The Five Loves of Ishtar’

I don’t want to give my story way, so instead of listing ten things about Ishtar, I’m going to list ten things about washerwomen!

Ten things about washerwomen in history:

10.    The washerwoman has been known as scrubber, swabber, char, Mrs Mop, gleaner, picker, scavenger bird, crow and vulture, according to Roget’s Thesaurus.

9.    Cumulative Trauma Disorder (CTD) has been around for a long time, variously known as miner’s knee, tennis elbow or washerwoman’s thumb.

8.    The Night Washerwomen walk the land eternally, cursed for killing their own children. If they catch you, they will wrap you in their washing and drown you where their pool.

7.    The opposite of the Night Washerwoman was a real woman called Oseola McCarty, who washed clothes all her life, saving half of what she earned, until she had enough to establish a scholarship fund.

6.    The Washerwoman is an old profession. She was once known as Lavender. Other old jobs are the Kempster, or wool comber, the Pigman, or crockery dealer, and the Colporteur, or peddler of books.

5.    The Mormon Battalion of 1846 took along four laundresses.

4.    A few drops of kerosene or some peach-tree leaves are a washerwoman’s friend, because they will help to whiten the clothes.

3.    Hooch Girl is Vietnam War US slang for a Vietnamese woman hired by the American military as a washerwoman. John Wayne was slang for a can opener.

2.    Here is Paul Guigou’s Lavandiere.

1.    Ishtar’s washerwomen inherit their job and they serve her until the moment of their death.

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